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Temporary Delivery Available Only In Gujarat.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We offer FREE shipping to a wide array of locations spanning across India. No minimum purchase is required. We are continuously improving our reach to deliver across maximum possible locations. We have tied up the leading logistic providers in the country including FedEx, Ecom-Express and India Post to maximise our network and reach while ensuring fast delivery times.

What are the delivery charges on

Delivery charges in Most of the cases are Free, But in some cases vary from product to product, depending on Weight and Size of product.

Do you deliver outside India?

Currently we do not deliver any product outside India.

Do you give free shipping?

Yes, on promotional basis, we offer free shipping on Most of the products.

Why is the shipping fee high on some products where the price of the product itself is very low?

Shipping fee is a function of volumetric weight and the type of product. We give our best effort to send you the products via reliable delivery partners in the minimum time.

What is the average shipping cost?

The average shipping cost is Rs 55 per 500 gms; this would vary in case products need special packing.

What is the estimated delivery time?

5 to 6 working days excluding holidays.

Are there any hidden costs (sales tax, GST, octroi etc) on items sold by ?

There are NO hidden charges when you shop on The standard & discounted process are the final price. The delivery cost, if applicable will be mentioned clearly before you make the payments. There will be no additional cost to be paid once the product is delivered to you.

Why there is no delivery in my area?

We deliver to all places where our delivery partners have delivery capability. We are continuously working to expand over coverage area. There may also be legal restrictions to delivering products in your area.

Do you also give Cash on Delivery option?

Yes, Cash on Delivery is available on certain products; it would be mentioned on the product page. We may not be able to provide the same on some areas as our delivery partner may not have the infrastructure to enable Cash on Delivery process.

Can you purchase outside India and get it delivered to a address in India?

Yes, you can purchase our products via a valid credit card (we may ask you for additional authentication information) from any place outside India and get it delivered to a valid address in India (in paces where we deliver)